The Business and Industry Advisory Council

BIAC Cases Go On-line: The BIAC has developed 24 cases based on real-life business situations that are sure to be helpful to you in working with students on professional development skills. All cases give a situation, points to consider, suggestions, and related discussion topics.

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The Business and Industry Advisory Council Member shall:

  • Advise OBTA members on the employment needs of business and industry.
  • Promote activities that facilitate interaction between business educators and business and industry.
  • Promote the purpose of the Council-to form a partnership to improve the perception and the role of business education in the State of Ohio through contract with community leaders and  educational leaders and to further the goals of education in Ohio.
  • Promote the goals of the Council–to make administration aware of the importance of business education competencies in the curriculum; to propose legislative involvement for the
  • Business and Industry Council in collaboration with OBTA; and to participate and speak on behalf of business education on the local, state, and national levels when the opportunity presents itself.
  • Attend the Business and Industry Advisory Council meeting.
  • Participate in the BIAC functions at the annual OBTA conference.